SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – We’ve all been conditioned to wear our face coverings when we are around other people, but does wearing a mask in these hot temperatures elevate your chance of getting heat-related illnesses?

Dr. Arthur Jey, with Sutter Medical Center, says those with underlying health conditions should stay inside during this heatwave.

“If you have asthma, if you have any issues, I prefer you stay inside,” Jey said.

If you must be outside and you can’t safely practice social distancing, you should keep that mask on, since COVID-19 continues to spread even in the humid heat of summer.

“If you’re wearing a mask outside and there are people around, absolutely there’s a risk,” Jey said.

Here are a few tips from health experts on how to safely wear a mask in hot weather:

  • Try a mask with cotton fabric instead of heavy material.
  • If your mask becomes wet, it’s time to switch it out.
  • Wash your mask, often.
  • Need a break from your mask? Distance yourself from other people and take a break.

According to the CDC, you do not need to wear a mask if you are exercising or recreating outdoors and are able to maintain a safe six-foot distance from others, but it is important to put your mask if you cannot maintain social distancing.

Dr. Jey said in order to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and stay safe during the extreme heat, limit your time outside.

“We should stay inside because of COVID and we should stay inside because of the heat,” Jey said. “So it’s a double edge win-win.”