SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Life in quarantine and social distancing — it’s a storyline we’re all familiar with these days. Now, a Sacramento-based production company has put together a documentary, “Six Feet of Separation,” about the coronavirus pandemic as it is being felt across the globe.

Shawnda Christiansen is the director/producer of the film. She said once stay-at-home orders began and big businesses started shutting down, she knew she needed to capture this moment in time.

“It feels like we’re alone but we’re not because it is going on all throughout the world,” Christiansen said. “I just couldn’t even believe it and I just knew that I needed to get out there and document it, so the first day of the shutdown it began.”

The film focuses on personal stories of feeling separated while providing guidance on various coping strategies.

“Sometimes it helps to be able to talk to other people and hear other people’s stories — we’re not alone,” Christiansen said.

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Actress Dee Wallace portrays herself in the documentary.

“I think it’s a really good marker for the history of the world,” Wallace said.

Wallace is well-known for her role as E.T.’s mom in the extraterrestrial film. While the pandemic may feel “out of this world” for many of us, her focus in the documentary is on the silver lining.

“Bring in some of the points of balance and positivity and hope and also highlight some of the good things that are coming out of this pandemic.

A Sacramento-based company documenting the pandemic as seen through the world’s eyes, in an effort to show that while we are six feet apart, we really are in this together.

“Six Feet of Separation” will be released on Amazon on Labor Day weekend, and then on DVD and more more digital platforms later this year.