ELK GROVE (CBS13) – An Elk Grove resident was met by a startling sight when he walked into the bathroom.

On Friday morning, Irma Zambrano says her husband was about to use the toilet when a snake, specifically a boa constrictor, popped out.

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“That’s like the worst nightmare is something coming out of the toilet,” Zambrano said. “We were thinking it’s going to run out and outrun everybody and wrap around us and suffocate us.”

She called the city to come to remove the snake but was referred to a snake removal company. A worker from the company came to the home and pulled the 6-foot-long snake from the toilet.

“I went in the bathroom, lifted up the toilet seat and lo and behold,” said Glenn Stough, with Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal.

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Stough has spent 15 years on the job and said he’s never seen anything like it.

“He’s strong and he gets big and he grabbed onto something but he’s trying to pull me in with him. He was stronger than my tongs and I was about ready to grab him with my hands,” Stough said. “Luckily he froze up and I was able to suck him out of there.”

The snake reportedly does not belong to the Zambrano family or the neighbors. According to the worker, the snake was well into the plumbing. It’s unclear how it got there.

The snake was handed over to animal control. It could not be released into the wild because it is a non-native species.

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The six-foot snake cannot be relocated in the area, so it was safely delivered to animal control.