YOSEMITE (CBS13) – Yosemite National Park is calling on drivers to refrain from speeding after at least four bears were struck, two of which were killed, by cars within the last three weeks.

Park officials said the two surviving bears were “seriously injured and limping, after being hit by drivers traveling over the 25-mile-per-hour speed limit.

Officials warned that such reckless driving could bring harm to other animals inhabiting the park.

“It is important to remember that while traveling in the park, the posted speed limits are not only there to protect people, but to also protect wildlife in areas where animals crossroads,” a Facebook post from Yosemite National Park read. “Following posted speed limits may save the life of a great gray owl as it flies across the road, or a Pacific fisher as it runs across the road, both of which are endangered species.”

Signs placed around the park reading “Speeding Kills Bears” with the image of a red bear on them signify locations where bears have been hit by vehicles, according to the park.

“Help protect our bears by not speeding in the park,” park officials said.