SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Amid several businesses closing their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, one Sacramento pharmacy is soon opening theirs.

“The reason this is called Ten Acres Pharmacy is because in 1918, where this is located, there were 10-acre tracts,” said owner Sonya Frausto.

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Frausto is putting the finishing touches on her new business in Curtis Park. She had hoped to open in May, but COVID-19 slowed construction. So she has been stocking up on products.

“On local products, small businesses, women-owned businesses, minority-owned businesses, so a lot of the products you see that are kind of unique that you don’t see,” she said.

Frausto decided to make the move after being laid off from a larger pharmacy. She wanted her business to focus on functional medicine, which she said helps patients restore their health by identifying the root causes of what ails them.

She has teamed up with a local doctor who specializes in that.

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“We talked about partnerships and ways we can work together to bring information to our local community about how they can work and live healthier through supplements, through taking care of themselves, knowledge and education,” Frausto said.

Frausto said it’s been a challenge opening her business during the pandemic because it’s hard to get some products, but she sees it as an opportunity.

“For people to walk in and ask the questions they want to ask, be able to get the products they want – masks, hand sanitizers, basic things like ibuprofen or hopefully a vitamin to help them feel better or boost their immune system – those are all important things,” she said.

She said she knows her location on Freeport Boulevard is close to several other mom and pop type businesses will serve the neighborhood, especially now.

“This is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood,” said Eileen Sargent, who lives in the area. “You can walk to the pharmacy.”

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Frausto said she sees her personalized service and supplies as just what the doctor ordered to fill a need in the community.