SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Crest Theatre has stood in Sacramento for more than 100 years in some form. The building was remodeled in the 1950s but for the most part, it’s maintained the same look for decades, until now.

Earlier this week, vandals spray-painted graffiti across the building and smashed the glass doors.

“Fortunately, the way these doors are made it shatters like a spiderweb instead of crumbling to do the ground. So, fortunately, nobody made their way inside the building,” said General Manager Robert Alvis.

All the doors cost about $20,000 dollars just to install, so it will cost thousands to replace the specialized glass.

Alvis says they set a goal of $20,000 to clean up the mess and fix all the damage, but when the community found out what had happened donors went above and beyond the original fundraising goal.

“Overwhelming. We reached our goal in less than 24 hours which was phenomenal,” said Alvis. “It’s pretty humbling to see this response from Sacramento to our need. It was more than I could have ever dreamed of.”