SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The fingers of this pandemic have been far-reaching and devastating in so many ways,
not the least of which, people are hurting financially.

One Sacramento State student isn’t just reading or hearing about people in need, she’s doing something about it. She’s putting her money where her heart is and helping others to dig out from these desperate times.

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It’s a lonely walk on the campus of Sac State these days, but Emily Aulert doesn’t feel alone one bit. This 22-year-old has built an army of angels that have taken flight during the pandemic.

“So I kind of took it upon myself to find people that needed, were struggling more in this pandemic, and couldn’t afford groceries and necessities like that,” she said.

Emily is doing that by taking the bulk of her unemployment benefits and donating it to people in need. She says she’s lucky enough to not have to need the extra $600 in stimulus money.

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“So I take my $600 each week and I donate it to different people or families,” she said.

Her giving heart didn’t just start beating. Long before COVID-19, she volunteered at food banks down in Southern California. For this nutrition major, focusing on nourishment fits nicely on her plate of gratitude.

“So I kind of focus on groceries specifically, but I also have given money through like PayPal and stuff if it’s not a grocery gift card, so just kind of whatever sees fit for the individual,” she said.

And each individual, Emily realizes, is impacted in ways some of us may never understand.

“I just realized there are just so many people that couldn’t afford food, or just their rent or just little necessities that some people don’t really think of in their everyday life,” she said.

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With the extra $600 in stimulus money stopping this weekend, Emily has also set up a GoFundMe so other people can chip in. Her goal is to raise $10,000.