TRUCKEE (CBS13) – Facing an unusually high number of visits from tourists who fail to heed social distancing measures, leaders in the Truckee area are urging people to stay away until mid-August.

In a statement Wednesday, the city said that the area is seeing a higher number of visitors than it has in the past, which is making social distancing more difficult than ever. As a result, they urge people not to visit on weekends until at least August 17.

“With our current environment of uncertainty, and many of our businesses already having to take measures to reduce or close their operations due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, safety must be our top priority,” states Placer County District 5 Supervisor Cindy Gustafson. “We cannot risk a further surge in COVID-19 cases and want to discourage visitation on weekends during what has historically been our peak summer visitation period.”

Gustafson urges people to visit during less-busy months, which are the fall and winter.

“When we see the cases going up, there aren’t many options for us in order to maintain the level of safety for our residents and our visitors and to make sure that our health care system isn’t overwhelmed in Tahoe,” El Dorado County spokesperson Carla Hass said earlier this month.