STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police in Stockton arrested two people in connection to an illegal gambling operation.

Deandre Wilson and Jonisha Fincher (l-r) (credit: Stockton PD)

Stockton Police Department vice detectives went to a suspected illegal gambling operation in the 200 block of N. American Street on Tuesday morning. There, they contacted Deandre Wilson, 25, who was reportedly acting as security. They found that he allegedly was carrying a concealed handgun. He was arrested on charges of being a prohibited person in possession of a loaded handgun, according to a statement from Stockton police.

When detectives went inside, they arrested Jonisha Fincher, 38, on suspicion of running an illegal gambling operation, and unrelated warrants.

Detectives say they also found an assault rifle, crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, evidence related to illegal gambling, and over $1,000 in cash.