SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Four generations gathered on Saturday morning to celebrate the 100th birthday of the matriarch of the family, Mary Butler.

“I’ve had a wonderful life, a beautiful family,” Butler said.

Butler is a ray of sunshine, which explains the magnitude of cars that drove by her home to celebrate the major milestone. Born and raised in Sacramento, she has lived an exciting and bountiful life, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

“I don’t suffer pain, I don’t have aches, body aches or nothing,” Butler said. “So, I think God was very good.”

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The centenarian once served as a welder during World War II, and she said spent her younger days dancing for Katherine Dunham. Dancing is what Butler credits for her healthy and spunky personality.

“At home, I stay active,” she said.

She said getting into trouble also kept her young. And according to her son, her favorite snacks are the secret to longevity.

“Ice cream, crackers, cheese, ginger ale,” Mark Butler said.

During times of uncertainty and fear across the globe, the family is happy to know they have each other, specifically the glue to their family.

“She’s always been very special to us,” granddaughter Carla Chan said.

It was a day of celebration, reflection and, you guessed it – a day of dancing.