by Lori Wallace

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — The Brick House in Elk Grove is one of many restaurants finding its way after the state shut down indoor dining earlier this week.

When you drive through old Elk Grove, their fancy white tablecloths and canopies are sure to catch your eye. Geno and Franco Cassella are recreating the fine dining experience outdoors.

“Having the space to do the outdoor dining literally allowed us to put our entire dining room in the parking lot,” Franco Cassella said.

They have also kicked it up a notch with music, a tv, a bar, a fire pit, games, wine tasting, and misters.

“We put a misting system out here to control the temperature, it drops it by about 10-15 degrees, so it’s comfortably around 75-80 degrees out here at the peak of the day,” he said.

The team got creative and made it work when curbside and delivery just isn’t enough.

“We like challenges, not to say we wouldn’t prefer the easy street by doing what we’re designed to do, but when we are faced with a challenge we like to tackle it head-on,” Franco said.

Many other restaurants lacking outdoor dining space are trying similar set-ups. The parking lots at Black Bear Diner and BJ’s also have a new look. For the brothers at Brick House, this unexpected pivot is working out

“When its all said and done, I look around at what we’ve created and there’s a sense of pride there,” Franco said.

The Brick House in Lodi has also transformed its parking lot.