CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – A second round of shutdowns has hit businesses in counties across California, including indoor gyms facilities.

“We weren’t necessarily jumping for joy when we heard it,” Dave Kovar, owner of Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts, said.

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The center was only allowed to hold indoor classes for four weeks before getting the dojo mat pulled out from under them again.

“When we got the notice from the governor yesterday we pivoted. All eight of our locations now are actually in parks,” Kovar said.

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The ninth Kovar’s location is in El Dorado County and is still holding indoor classes but is prepared to move outdoors if they have to.

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“It’s amazing. It’s really what we need,” said Julia Newlin. Her son takes karate at Kovar’s.

“Kovar’s doing a great job at keeping them separated and keeping them safe,” Newlin said.

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Senseis are protecting their students while teaching them how to protect themselves.

“Here at the park what we’re doing is in between classes we’re disinfecting the equipment that we brought that might have been touched by students,” Kovar said.

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Kovar Family Martial Arts says they’re prepared to continue classes in the park through the rest of the summer.