SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The return of widespread coronavirus restrictions in California could have a big psychological impact on business owners and employees forced out of work again.

Jessica Alyse owns a Sacramento beauty salon being forced to close again. Alyse just re-opened in June after the initial three-month shutdown.

“It’s just the yo-yo is messing with us mentally and emotionally,” Alyse said. “I’m just still kind of shocked right now.”

Besides the medical crisis, the coronavirus has also created a psychological crisis, according to the American Psychological Association. Sacramento psychologist Diane Powell says besides the obvious loss of income, the loss of jobs can lead some to feel a loss of their own identities.

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“We’re living in a very high-stress time,” Powell said. “If somebody asked you, ‘who are you?’ the first thing they’re likely to say is, ‘well, I do this for a living, this is my job.'”

For Alyse, this newest shutdown will mean more money trouble. She is already out $30,000 from the first round of closures. It also means a loss of certainty, another hit to her bottom line, and a new question: can she bounce back?

“Today I felt defeated, like for real,” Alyse said. “I’m still processing a lot that’s going on today.”