STOCKTON (CBS13) — This hasn’t been a normal summer break for schools.

But, none the less, it’s nearly over, particularly for the Stockton Unified School District. The district announced classes will resume on August 3 but did not say exactly how it will be done.

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CBS13 spoke to some parents and teachers who say it’s causing concern and confusion.

“I have a child who is high-risk. So for me, it’s very scary that I’ve been home for four months,” Wendy Fettke, a parent and teacher at Harrison Elementary, said. “And then we’re going to turn around and go back into the classroom and everything I’ve done to protect my child is now kind of gone.”

“When they were first closing the school down, it was because it was bad. And it’s getting worse right now. It’s like a second wave,” Federico Pizano, a parent of Harrison Elementary Student, said. “What’s the purpose of sending them back to school and the chances of kids getting sick?”

The district said it’s been polling how and what people want to see happen for the reopening. It’s releasing the four stages of how it could reopen but, not saying what stage school will be in when the first bell rings in August.

“Right now we’re just waiting to see what the data is or isn’t to make an informed and appropriate decision before jumping the gun and saying ‘this is what we are going to do’ and two weeks later and have to retract,” Interim Superintendent Brian Biedermann, Stockton Unified School District, said.

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The teacher and parent of a student at Harrison elementary understands why the reopening plan has to be fluid. But, having that clearer idea would make things easier for parents and educators alike.

“I kind of would say, ‘This what we are doing but it’s subject to change. This is where we are at right now.’ Kind of share what their thoughts are along the way would be nice,” Fettke said. “Not just ‘this is what it is and we don’t know what we are picking yet.’”

The district said it is leaning toward one particular scenario for now.

“It’s leaning towards a hybrid option right now. Unless the county indicates that they are moving us into a different phase,” Biedermann said. “Right now we are in phase three. If they move us into two or one that could be full distance learning.”

That would entail having an off day of cleaning and staff meetings, two days of on-campus instruction, and three days off-campus learning.

The district understands there won’t be a lot of time for people to adjust with the latest reopening plan. Making a calculated plan that much more important amid rising COVID-19 cases and some people’s confusion.

“Be patient. We’re building it out and we’re going to over-communicate because that one of the guiding principles when we pick a model,” Biedermann said.

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The interim superintendent told CBS13 hopes to have that definitive plan ready to release in mid-July after another round of surveying. Parents will still have the option to continue full distance learning if they aren’t comfortable with their child on campus just yet.