SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The holiday weekend could have a huge impact on coronavirus cases in Sacramento, according to the county health director.

Health officials are urging people to keep their distance to prevent more reopening rollbacks.

“They want to gather. They really want to gather for any kind of event,” said Aneetray Gaston, a Sacramento resident.

Sacramento County Health Director Dr. Peter Beilenson said this weekend is a tipping point.

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“It’s crucial that people not gather this weekend,” he said.

Dr. Beilenson said there have been 1,000 new cases in Sacramento County in just the last week. It’s a huge jump when you compare that to the 18 weeks prior when there were just about 2,000 cases total.

“There’s no question that the actions people take this weekend can determine the future in the next couple weeks and the next few months as well,” Beilenson said.

Gatherings and parties at home are the biggest spreaders and the biggest problem for enforcement right now.

“I definitely think it’s going to get worse after this weekend for sure,” Gaston said.

Can Sacramento resist the urge?

“No, not at all. It’s Fourth of July, families get together. But with this thing going on, it’s better being around family than strangers,” said Angela Summers, a Sacramento resident.

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Summers is having a Fourth of July and birthday gathering at home.

“We’ll be asking people who have been having symptoms to not come,” she said.

Gov. Newsom said he will announce more reopening rollback measures on Wednesday. He said Californians are in control of their own destiny.

CBS13 asked Dr. Beilenson if he thought the state might have to go back to shelter in place?

“I certainly hope that we wouldn’t. My guess is that the governor is going to come out by closing state beaches and state parks. That’s my guess, but I don’t know,” he said.