MODESTO (CBS13) — The search continues for a mountain lion making its way around a Modesto neighborhood. The big cat has become the talk of the town.

Initial calls on Thursday morning seemed to have dispatchers in the area in disbelief, “I wouldn’t believe it but some witnesses at Planet Fitness confirm it was a mountain lion.”

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Witnesses described to dispatchers what they had seen, “It had a long tail and long legs and it was NOT a fox,” could be heard over scanner traffic on Thursday morning.

It was an unexpected wake-up call in Modesto, and caught on Ring doorbell camera. Heather Bowles and her family, who caught it, told CBS13 they were surprised by what they’d recorded on their Ring. Other neighbors, like Stacey Chandler, in the area are in shock too.

“Everybody is talking about the mountain lion,” Chandler said. “We have raccoons and possums and things – but never a mountain lion.”

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The mountain lion has left the Sonoma Park part of Modesto on high alert since its first sighting. Modesto Police say they’re investigating other possible sightings in the same area on Thursday night, but haven’t confirmed any yet.

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When Jeannie Haskell learned of the lion, she immediately thought about kids and small pets – wondering where could it hide?

“He could definitely have been hiding in this brush,” Haskell said, in reference to a large pile of tree scraps and brush cut down earlier this week.

The search for the elusive lion continues Friday. Modesto Police came up short on their search at Dry Creek, after they were tipped off to the area on Thursday. Officers plan on stepping up their patrols on Friday night.

While the cat is still out there, Chandler said she’s changing up her morning routine.

“It was still in the area so I decided to wait on the walk,” she said. But while others are on edge, David Souza went about his day as usual.

“I really have no concern at all,” Souza said. “Just cage it and relocate it back in the hills.”

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Souza hopes the evening brings about that best case, ‘purr-fect,’ scenario.