SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom is signaling his support for Fort Bragg changing its name.

The Mendocino County town recently announced that it will be looking into changing its name, which was taken from Confederate Army General Braxton Bragg.

Fort Bragg city officials will be discussing whether to put the name change up for a vote in November.

On Monday, Gov. Newsom wrote, “This is the right move” while quoting a tweet about Fort Bragg’s possible change.

The possible name change comes as the country reevaluates how it has honored historical figures connected to slavery and racism. Statues honoring Confederate figures have been toppled or are in the process of being taken down across the country.

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In California, state legislative leaders announced on Monday that a statue of Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus will be taken down. Lawmakers have not specified when the statue will be removed.

Fort Bragg city leaders will be meeting on June 22 to discuss the name change.