SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — You’ve seen the big rigs with the “how’s my driving” decals printed on them. Now Sacramento councilmember Allen Warren is proposing Sacramento police add “how’s my policing” decals to their squad cars with a 1-800 number anyone can call to answer that question.

The plan also includes a requirement that officers begin every interaction on a stop by handing over their business card, with the officer’s name, badge number, and the ‘how’s my policing” line and telephone number.

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It’s a move he says will help increase police accountability.

“I think this is a tool that can help build a bridge,” Warren said. “I think it starts to change the emotion attached to policing. And it’s a way for us to keep score and I think also it’s a way for police to interact with people in a much more constructive way initially.”

The proposal received mixed reviews from supporters at a Black Lives Matter rally movement outside Sacramento city hall Tuesday.

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“It’s a step in the right direction but I definitely feel like it needs more work,” Jaeda Montgomery said.

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“Have a number that you can call and file a complaint or just say ‘hey this guy did a really good job,” Lizette Montes said, “It works both ways.”

Sacramento police responded to the proposal with a statement reading in part: “The Sacramento Police Department remains committed to serving our community and will continue to review and revise policies to ensure they are in line with best practices.”

Current policy calls on citizen complaints to be filed within the police internal affairs division.

“It’s a much more tedious process,” Warren said.

An effort to bring change to police accountability in Sacramento. And a councilmember dialing up a new idea with a 1-800 number.

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Warren says he has not seen this “how’s my policing” concept anywhere else before, so this could very well be the first-of-its-kind idea. He says he plans to introduce the idea to the city council and work it into policy.