STOCKTON (CBS13) — The city of Stockton is launching a first-of-it’s kind online marketplace to help women-owned businesses sell their products straight to consumers.

Prescilla Fajardo is a Stockton artist. Her specialty is creating Japanese-style stuffed animals.

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“So when you get something like this, even if I were to make another one, it’s always unique,” Fajardo said.

Stockton author Chezzere Day will also have her book available to buy on the city-sponsored website.

“My book is ‘The Order of TSP’ by C.A. Day, that’s what I go by pen name,” Day said.

Fajardo and Day are two of the 25 Stockton women business owners whose products will now be available for sale online at the city-funded site, The idea for the website came after the coronavirus forced Stockton street festivals to close.

“So for me, it was extremely big because not only do I do markets within Stockton and the San Joaquin Valley, I travel throughout the United States, so I lost out on all my shows,” Fajardo said.

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Anne Crutchfield helped create the website.

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“People might compare it to Etsy,” Crutchfield said. “It’s a makers market so everything is handmade. They’re all from Stockton.”

Money paid online goes straight into the businesswomen’s pockets.

“Whether that puts physical sales in my pocket, or just gets word out there, to me that’s still worth it, you know what I mean,” Day said.

A city hall helping create commerce during the coronavirus. Making sales easier for businesswomen showcasing Stockton’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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The Stockton marketplace website will launch Saturday. It will be up and running for about three months.