STOCKTON (CBS13) — Police have named one of the suspects arrested on suspicion of looting the Stockton Walmart on Sunday night.

Stockton police said, a little after 9 p.m., officers started getting reports of about 20 to 30 people looting the Walmart along Trinity Parkway.

People scattered as officers showed up, but four people were eventually arrested.

Police say two suspects were arrested after a short foot chase, while two others were taken into custody after some resistance – with officers having to deploy a Taser on one of the suspects.

The four arrested include 24-year-old Joseph Briggs and three young men ranging in age from 16 to 17. They all face looting, burglary, robbery, and conspiracy charges, police say.

About $4,000 in merchandise stolen from he Walmart has been recovered, police say.

The looting in Stockton came amid a hectic day on Sunday that saw people protesting the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd. In nearby Sacramento, dozens of businesses in the downtown core were vandalized and looted overnight.

Stockton police say they are still actively investigating the incident.