SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — At Beal’s Point along Folsom Lake, all eyes are on the crowds gathering at the beach.

On top of watching the water, both lifeguards and law enforcement are now tasked during Memorial Day weekend with keeping tabs on people required to stay six feet apart.

“This is kind of what we signed up for,” said Barry Smith, chief ranger with California State Parks.

Smith said once they got the go-ahead to reopen for what he calls their “super bowl weekend” for state parks, they had to quickly staff up.

“You can’t conduct the interviews like you used to be able to,” Smith said. “The live interview process slows down.”

Rangers said they are ready for the big crowds and will enforce if people don’t follow the rules.

“If we ran into a large group of people where we were asking people to be responsible and we weren’t seeing that, maybe there might be a law enforcement action,” Smith said.

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Bree Hinemarch from Sacramento was out with her friends on the water and said, “This is the first time we’ve all been out together.”

Though you’re asked to stay local, this holiday weekend symbolizes a reunion of sorts for families and friends.

“We just figured take the kids out, they’re tired of being in the house let them breathe a little bit,” Erika Davis said.

Some parks are already drawing big crowds, but this year, a beautiful beach day comes with some caution.

“Everybody’s being more cautious because usually it gets overcrowded,” Davis said.

“The last thing we want is to go backwards,” Smith said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said they will not be outwardly looking for violators over the holiday weekend.