LODI (CBS13) — A Lodi police officer says he was fired for not enforcing the states’ stay-at-home order.

In the past 24 hours, his community has raised thousands of dollars to support his family.

Former Officer Jordan Duncan only worked with the police department for four months. The details of the incident aren’t clear, but city officials confirm an April separation date. They would not go as far as to say that Duncan was fired.

Officials did point to a recent ruling which calls the stay-at-home order “lawful,” and said police officers can’t choose which laws to enforce.

Big “Reopen letters” calling for the governor to get people back to work are written on the car parked in Duncan’s driveway.

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“Obviously what he’s got on his car, you don’t see that around too much, but it’s his right to do that,” said his longtime neighbor Mike. “It’s just a tough position he’s put in.”

Neighbors have heard of the big fundraising effort for Duncan’s family, which surpassed $20,000 in 24 hours. The money was raised after he says he was fired for ultimately refusing to enforce the shelter-in-place order.

It’s something his neighbors can understand.

“I believe it’s time in certain areas, probably,” said Mike.

Duncan wouldn’t speak with CBS13 on camera, but he did say he is looking into getting a lawyer. He also said he is the son of the Lodi Pastor Jon Duncan, who refused to follow the stay-at-home order and continued to hold services at his church, not far from his home.

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Mike said, “He’s a great guy, a great kid. He’s probably one of the most honest they’ve got on the force. Like I said, he was put in a tough position.”