by Rick Boone

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — All this extra time at home can leave us a little batty, forcing some people to fly into a new pastime: bird watching.

“I think the birds have come out while we have stayed in,” a Sacramento bird watcher told CBS13. “I just love them all because they’re all types of colors — yellow, red, gray — and different sizes.”

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The trend is catching on in the valley and some are finding the activity to be the perfect zen to get through this pandemic.

“Even people who didn’t have their bird feeder out now, have their bird feeders out,” Kelly Boyd, a bird store worker, said.

At the bird store where she works, Boyd has seen an increase of customers coming in buying feeders and seeds to get closer to wild birds.

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“It’s always been a popular hobby like gardening. It’s part of the outdoor living experience,” Boyd said.

Audubon societies across the country and bird watching apps and websites have seen a spike in pageviews. The largest interest revolves around identifying the different types of birds.

The trend of bird watching seems to be soaring and doesn’t appear close to slowing down. And as we all adjust to a different type of life past COVID-19, higher happiness in bird watching is expected to be part of our future.

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We’re told the best advice when bird watching is to avoid getting too close or interrupting their natural movements.