DAVIS (CBS13) – The city of Davis has a bear problem, and this one is weighing about 300 pounds. A black bear is on the run near homes in West Davis and animal control is working fast to find it before it gets too comfortable with humans.

“We’re trying to get it in a bear trap”, says John McNerney, with the City of Davis. “We haven’t had any reports of trash cans being dumped or digging up of flower beds…but the longer it spends there, the more comfortable it gets. That may be a behavior it could start picking up.”

Wildlife experts said this younger black bear left the foothills recently and found a new home in this dense location connected to homes and apartments known as the Greenbelt.

Some residents said they are concerned about not having a clue where this animal could be or what it may do if they ran into it – the bear seems to only come out at night.

Some residents told CBS13 the bear has been seen roaming in the middle in the street. It spends its days hunkered down on an island in the Greenbelt eating goose eggs.

The bear showed up in town this week, but it’s not the first time Davis has had a bear attraction.

A similar animal showed up by the college last year. Now that another bear has arrived, this one is building a fan base.

“It’s so exciting, I think all of us are excited”, said Jennifer Denison, Davis resident.

Animal experts said they just hope they can move this bear out before it has a chance to hurt itself or anyone else.

“Any wildlife, if you give it a reason to become defensive or aggressive it will react,” says McNerney.

There’s hope to capture the bear this weekend and return it back to the foothills with a chance of connecting with its family again.