by Velena Jones

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An amazing rescue was caught on camera as wildlife volunteers raced against the clock to save two baby raccoons.

Specialists at the Wildlife Care Association take in and rescue animals daily, but they say this particular rescue was special because they almost ran out of time.

Only days old, baby raccoons cried, trapped inside a wall at a South Sacramento home for five days. Rescuers suspect they fell from the attic where their mom was living.

Contractors cut an opening in the wall, allowing rescuers to reach down into the wall and grab the cold, frail, and hungry siblings who immediately found comfort in Kristina Lay’s arms. The volunteer rehabber at the Wildlife Care Association said she is shocked they survived. 

Swipe through pictures of the baby raccoons below:

“I was amazed that they were screaming as loud as they were after five days, that they were in as good as health as they were in,” Lay said.

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Lay quickly wrapping the newborns up and rushed them to treatment. She said at that age, raccoons typically only last four to five days under those conditions. She suspects they only survived because they had each other.

“They are together, I think that is the best thing,” Lay said. 

The association rescued 5,000 animals just last year. Still, Lay says every rescue holds a special spot in her heart.

“We want to get the wildlife out where it belongs. Everything deserves to live,” she said. 

As for what’s next for the raccoons, Lay expects them to fully recover and will stay with the group for up to five months before they release them into the wild.