FOLSOM (CBS13) – Almost a dozen teens are suspected of terrorizing and vandalizing a Folsom neighborhood for seven weeks causing over $3,000 in damages from throwing rocks at homes, authorities said.

The Folsom Police Department said the group of teens has caused the damages from throwing rocks at residence windows and garage doors. Police say the vandalism has occurred in the neighborhoods directly to the east and west sides of the Baldwin Dam Road corridor.

The neighbors say they can’t take it anymore after what they say is now seven weeks of torture and what is almost a nightly ritual. Folsom police said the occurrences happen either overnight or in the early between 3 and 5.

Several homeowners near Baldwin Dam Road said they hate when it gets dark out. They say it means more damage like this will show up on their property due to suspected groups of teens throwing large rocks at the houses.

“Seven weeks of terrorizing and just random acts of violence and vandalism,” Tony Fratis said. “I told the police first they’re throwing them at my door, then the rocks get bigger.”

Folsom police said a recent group of 6-7 teenagers was captured on surveillance footage but were too far from the camera to be identified.

As the hooded teens walk in the middle of the street causing fear and terror, neighbors said they’re concerned someone could get hurt.

Authorities said special nightly patrols have now started and new street cameras are up.