HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (CBS Local) — A North Carolina firefighter who can’t be home with his family due to possible exposure to the coronavirus is sharing a touching moment with his family.

In a photo posted to social media on Friday, the Huntersville Fire Department said one of their first responders on coronavirus quarantine was photographed when he stopped by his home and kissed his young daughter through a closed window.

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“THIS is what a first responder, hero, looks like. This is a picture of one of our firefighters (earlier this month) while he was on quarantine,” they wrote. “He stopped by his home to give his daughter a quick kiss through the window.”

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HFD said the unidentified firefighter was one of several first responders ordered to quarantine themselves following possible exposure to the coronavirus. Thankfully, none of their firefighters ended up testing positive for COVID-19 and returned to duty.

The fire department also urged residents to do their part and #StayHomeForUs during the pandemic.

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“We ask that YOU stay home, and do your part to #SocialDistance for as long as it takes,” the post continues. “We remind you, that the men and women of HFD (all 119 of them, across all 4 fire stations) are not full-time employees. They are citizen volunteers and or part time employees. They’re busy…but they love our community and will always be here for you – regardless.”