CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – Church leaders in Carmichael say the stay-at-home orders issued during the coronavirus pandemic are giving people a hidden blessing this Easter Sunday.

COVID-19 changes how many people celebrate easter services. A majority of churches praised digitally today.

Some pastors believe many people found something they thought they lost – time.

“My rhythms really changed from four weeks ago. I thought we’d be over this by Easter,” says Pastor Greg Alderman, of Christ Community Church.

Pastor Greg says time is a gift he was given a gift this Easter – a gift that he passed onto his parishioners.

“For me, Easter Sunday has given me time for once to worship with my family, spend time with them, which we never get to do,” he said.

Pastor Greg said he recorded his Easter Sunday service days ago, creating a self-streaming service for churchgoers to praise and hear his message whenever they want.

A system that is giving people valuable time to spend with family during the holiday and this pandemic hurdle we’re all dealing with.

The pastor also encourages people to remember old friends, that calling them right now could change everything in their world.