PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — Placerville Vice Mayor Dennis Thomas is recovering after testing positive for coronavirus.

“I was really very cautious about who I met and contacted, and so I really am not sure, it’s a little bit of a mystery to me,” he said.

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Thomas says prior to developing symptoms, he was practicing social distancing.

“Or self-distancing quite a bit within my business and within the city council,” he explained.

Thomas owns Robinson’s Pharmacy, an essential business, and says staff is wearing protective gear and providing curbside delivery while limiting contact with people.

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He says over at the city council, he was also practicing social distancing.

“We entered kind of separately, we came in separately, there was no shaking hands, no rubbing elbows, we kept our distance,” he said.

Last month, CBS13 reported on people in Placerville reluctant to follow social distancing practices.

And while Vice Mayor Thomas doesn’t know exactly how he got the virus, he is encouraging people to take safety precautions seriously.

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“I look at my grandkids, I look at my children, I look at my employees, the city staff and the city other city councilmembers. It’s about personal responsibility and it’s about making sure you are taking care of yourself and your community and your family,” Thomas said.