SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New cases of the novel coronavirus and possible exposures are popping up every day.

A representative for the Solano County Public Health Department said Thursday the coronavirus (COVID-19) has evolved from isolated cases to something that needs to be “mitigated” In the general population.

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Coronavirus has sparked a state of emergency in California, which Governor Newsom announced Wednesday. Although efforts to contain people who are infected are in full swing, the head of Solano County emergency services said he’s personally preparing for the worst.

“I’m living under the assumption that it’s here with us now. I’m in meetings all day long, I travel. I’ve probably had contact with someone who has been exposed to this virus,” said Don Ryan, Solano County Emergency Services Manager.

Just in the last 24 hours, there have been several exposures. In Calaveras County, several people self quarantined after possible exposure on the princess cruise ship. In San Joaquin County, one student self quarantined after exposure to the virus at a medical facility. And in Placer County, one man died of the virus and more than a dozen first responders exposed to him are quarantined.

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So how soon might most of us know someone who’s infected?

“I don’t think there’s a good understanding of how quickly or how infectious this is. It does seem like it’s quite infectious if you look at how it did spread in China where it first originated,” said Christine Wu with the Solano Public Health Department.

People with coronavirus can have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, making it a virus that is extremely difficult to detect and practically impossible to quarantine everyone affected.

As COVID-19 becomes easier to catch, some people are concerned about attending public events. Solano County health officials said people should be vigilant but not worried about attending events like the Kings game or other activities.

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With March Madness coming up, the NCAA is keeping a close eye on developments with the virus, but for now, it’s business as usual. This despite some sports advocacy calling for games with no fans.