SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) — A man’s brazen attempt to escape a Solano County deputy goes horribly wrong for him but ends in a successful arrest for police.

It all started early Tuesday morning with the stolen car 38-year-old David Lee Jones Jr. was driving. He tried to escape a traffic stop for broken tail lights, but his car literally fell apart.

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The bad choices and bad luck didn’t stop there. Body camera photos released by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office tell the peculiar story of how Jones Jr., who was considered a “parolee at large,” ended up sitting in the fetal position on Evelyn Aguilar’s front porch.

“It’s just scary,” Aguilar said. “The man is tripping and falling on everything. He fell on a cactus, he broke down a tree.”

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When a Solano County deputy tried to pull over Jones Jr. near Vallejo, he drove away so fast he hit a curb and lost a tire, mid-escape. His leap from the vehicle ended with a face plant on the asphalt, but he was right back up and running through backyards on Yuba Street.

“I understand a female cop caught him single-handedly and he swore up and down that he lived here,” Aguilar said.

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That cop was Solano County Deputy Macie Wilcox. She and several other officers were setting up a perimeter to catch Jones Jr., when she came face to face with him, all alone.

“I come to the front of the car and I’m like, ‘Wait a second…I think that’s him…he’s all cut up and scraped,’” Wilcox said.

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Wilcox said he was just sitting there on a front porch. And then it was time to move in.

“I didn’t know what he had on him. Nobody was around, it was just me and him. I pulled my weapon and looked around. Still, nobody was coming and I was thinking I need to get this guy into custody,” she said.

He laid down and she cuffed him. Jones Jr. was taken back to jail before ever finishing his last parole.

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The Solano County Sheriff’s Office wants to highlight team 3 at the department and the good teamwork between deputies and Vallejo Police Officers.