CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – Candles were flickering bright.  Eyes were pouring out tears. Hugs were being had by family and friends mourning the loss of Paul McIntyre, 57, and Eileen Stanwick, 53, who were both were stabbed to death on Friday at the Wellness and Recovery Center in Carmichael.

Barbara McIntyre said her husband overcame many challenges in his life.

“Paul was a brilliant blind man,” she said. “He went all over the city with no help from anybody, just him and his cane.”

She told CBS13 her husband was defenseless that horrifying day.

“How would defend himself? How would he know which direction to run? How would he even know that it was coming?” she said.

Barbara McIntyre said that she found out through family members of other victims that her husband was helping Stanwick as he was stabbing by the suspect. Another family is also grieving and trying to find ways to overcome this tragedy — Eileen Stanwick’s family.  The tragedy has hit her son JC Anderson especially hard.

“She helped me through a lot of hard times when I was going through the military during my four years. And she was nothing but the light for me,” Anderson said. “And for this man to take this, my mom from me like that, that is not okay.”

It’s a day that took the man who loved his hat and the woman with a big smile away from their families and forever changed them.

“I’ve done a lot of crying the last couple of days. I’m just angry now,” Anderson said.

“It was our son’s 17th birthday,” McIntyre said. “So now every birthday my son has he’s going to have to remember that his father was brutally taken away from him.”

Barbara says Paul was an American River College student interning at the center to become a social worker.

The suspect Martin Raymond Lackey-Garcia is at the main county jail facing murder charges.