OLIVEHURST (CBS13) — It’s a house of filth on a whole new level. In Olivehurst, code enforcement officers have hauled away 50 tons of debris from one property, and they aren’t even finished.

That’s one hundred thousand pounds of junk.

Arthur Vickers on his property in Olivehurst. (credit: CBS13)

The McGowan Parkway home is owned by Arthur ‘Skeeter’ Vickers.

CBS13 reporter Steve Large spoke with him on Wednesday.

“Can you pick anything out of here that you would be using,” Large said.

“Well…” Vickers said.

Vickers’ home was tagged uninhabitable by the county.

“Did you used to live in this house?” Large said.

“I was living it, yes sir,” Vickers said.

“Until the county told you you couldn’t,” Large said.

“Yes sir,” Vickers said.

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The home is packed and surrounded by piles of junk. Vickers says it’s all from horse trading.

The mound of debris still sitting on Vickers’ property is only a small part of what Yuba County Code Enforcement officers have already hauled away, declaring Vickers’ home a safety hazard.

“The bottom line is, the county says you’re not taking care of the property so they’re gonna take care of it,” Large said.

“I tried my damndest to take care of the property,” Vickers said. “It’s pretty hard when you have people you live with and their friends coming in at night time.”

“But it’s your stuff,” Large said.

“I know,” Vickers said.

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Yuba County Code Enforcement Supervisor Melanie Marquez says officers plan two more days of debris removal here. Thirty-one vehicles have been towed so far. Crews have removed 50 tons of junk.

“We are on day three of the abatement,” Marquez said. “[It’s] astonishing.”

“I feel sorry for him, I really do,” Neighbor Theresa Carlson said.

Carlson says the property is so bad, she stopped inviting guests to her own home. Now, she has hope.

“Peace,” Carlson said. “Cleanness. Just happy environment.”

Yuba County may also decide to demolish the home because of structural issues. When all the clean up is done, the county will be issuing Vickers the bill.