STOCKTON (CBS13) — Five people were arrested after a probation search uncovered a dozen illegal firearms inside of a Stockton residence, authorities said.

The Stockton Police Department conducted a probation search Saturday afternoon at around 4 in the 6000 block of Palamino Court.

Officers located twelve illegal guns during the search.

In the photo of the firearms shared by Stockton Police, a few handguns and various assault rifles can be seen.

“That’s disturbing. No one should have that many firearms, especially that type. We don’t need that in our neighborhood. I don’t want it in my neighborhood,” Danny Pullen said.

“I didn’t think my neighborhood would have something like that,” Dave Phem said.

Stockton PD said five people were arrested — Sarin Vann, 37, Eric Navy, 30, Darrell Kho, 29, Diamond Kho, 18, and David Kho, 30 — for multiple weapons charges and gang enhancements.

Some are glad to see the illegal guns off of the street in their neighborhood.

“As much as I believe in gun rights and such, I absolutely believe in getting illegal guns out of the wrong hands,” Jason Van Alst said.

Some say they’ve lived here for half a decade; others more than 30 years.

They told us they never were suspecting anyone would aim to have this kind of firepower, illegally, on their block.

“This neighborhood’s probably going to be looking s different way now. Hopefully, it’ll just get better or I hope anything like that doesn’t happen again,” Phem said.