DAVIS (CBS13) — It was less of a ribbon-cutting and more of a head-butting ceremony when UC Davis officially opened their new goat creamery on campus.

The new building will include a milking parlor, milk room, aged cheese room and packing area — everything needed to produce and sell Grade A goat cheese. Cheese production is expected by May.

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The creamery comes at a time when goat milk is becoming more mainstream. According to the USDA, dairy goat herds grew 61% in the last decade, faster than any other major livestock group.

Ben Rupchis is proud of his herd at the UC Davis Dairy Goat Teaching and Research Facility. They are cute, quirky and quite productive.

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Rupchis’ dad was a veterinarian and his mother was an embryo transfer technician. You might say it’s in his genes. He works with animal science students like Teresa Greenhut, helping her gain valuable experience.

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“You learn more proper health practices and sanitation practices, things like ultrasounds,” Greenhut said.

Both are excited about the addition of a dairy goat creamery on campus. Rupchis says Americans are looking for smaller family-run farms instead of larger corporate dairies.

“It provides the customers the opportunity to really connect what the source of their food is with where it’s produced from,” Rupchis said.

Goat milk is also great for those who are lactose intolerant.

“It is the structure of the molecules, the fats, and the proteins, is slightly different so it does make it more digestible for some people than cow’s milk,” Rupchis said.

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The dairy goat creamery will be the first of its kind on a college campus in the country, providing even more educational opportunities. So students can milk their college degree for all it’s worth and be better prepared for the workforce.