SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A small business owner is thankful to be alive after a bizarre accident on the road.

On Jan. 8, Dawn Williamson was driving home in the Carmichael area when the hood of someone else’s car broke off and came flying toward her. The other driver continued driving but left the hood behind. Williamson took photos of it that provide a key clue: the white hood has flames that match the rest of the car.

“It’s surreal because I try to play it back in my mind and all I see is the hood just flying and spinning,” Williamson said.

Williamson said she’s been driving for 20 years without any accidents, not even a fender bender. And then this happens. The hood of a car came barreling toward her as she drove on Madison Avenue near Dewey Avenue. It crossed the median and ended up under her car, thankfully not through the windshield.

“It was silent and then I just kept saying ‘oh my god…oh my god…oh my god,’” she said.

Williamson, who is familiar with cars, believes this flaming hood belongs to an early 90s Geo and Chevy mix with a damaged windshield. And of course, a missing hood.

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“It’s frustrating because I did the right thing. I made the report and I have the insurance and I have the valid driver’s license,” Williamson said.

And now Williamson is left with more than shock factor.

“When it finally hit the road and bounced up and hit the paint and then scraped downward,” she said.

She said body damage alone costs close to $4,000. The insurance covers most of it but at least $1,000 will be out of pocket. The unexpected cost is tough on this small business owner who is also caring for her mom.

“Be responsible at least have the courtesy to check on if it hurt somebody it could have been so severe that it came through my windshield, injured me,” she said.

Williamson did file a report with California Highway patrol, so if you see this car give them a call.