SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In his quiet Auburn neighborhood, the sounds of aircraft flying overhead stick out to Jim Rutherford.

“Soon as they get in the air, they turn and come right over the house,” said Rutherford. “It’s kind of scary.”

It’s usually never something to worry about, he told CBS13. That is, until this past Friday.

“I’ve seen all kinds of accidents and this one is pretty tragic there’s no question about it,” he said.

The lives of a father and son were taken too soon and another person was left hurt after a World War II-era plane crashed and left a mangled sight in the trees of Rutherford’s backyard, narrowly missing the homes nearby.

“Bless his poor soul, he did the best he could,” Rutherford said.

Tony Wright, Sr. And Tony Wright, Jr. were among the crash victims. Wright, Jr. was a Rancho Cordova Reserve Officer and a 23-year veteran of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

His love for flying was captured in a YouTube video shot by Matt Armenta, serving as proof of Wright’s passion for the plane.

“He wanted to maintain the authenticity of the aircraft,” said Armenta. “He lit up like a little kid in the candy store when we talked about his aircraft.”

As the sun went down, Rutherford showed CBS13 what’s left of the tragedy. Broken tree limbs and small fragments of the plane remain among the debris. But of course, even more than that, the memory of the lives the community lost.

“Anytime you lose somebody — but when you lose an officer it really hurts,” said Rutherford.

CBS13 is still working to learn more about the third victim involved and how they are recovering.