ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Serena Penland says her fiancé Alvin was trying to get a homeless man off a Roseville McDonald’s property after he yelled at customers Tuesday morning.

“It’s still not right what happened today. He just trying to do his job,” Penland said.

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Roseville police say the man slashed Alvin with a butter knife.

“He stabbed him with and got him right here. Almost to his eye. He said he thought he was blind because of all of the blood went inside his eye,” Penland said.

Workers at nearby businesses say they have never seen the homeless act like this here.

“(They) Just mess around with the garbage. Not anything too crazy. That was full craziest we’ve seen here,” Judy Eam said.

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This incident happened just six days after an 18-year-old was stabbed by a homeless man in south Sacramento. The teen later died at the hospital.

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Sacramento Mayor Darrel Steinberg says some cities have reached a tipping point when it comes to the homeless.

“We have not yet hit that proverbial tipping point in Sacramento. As bad as it is. And if we do the right things, we can prevent us from going over and make this demonstratively better,” Steinberg said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told CBS13 it hasn’t seen an uptick in the homeless being more aggressive toward the public.

Still, Penland and others hope more resources can be put toward helping the homeless so these incidents don’t happen in the future.

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“The homeless problem is increasing. We are seeing more homeless people everywhere,” Maricela Arreolla said. “Especially since I work right around the corner and it’s really scary that this just happened here.”

“Mostly here, it’s a good neighborhood. There’s plenty of different kinds of homeless people but we need to do something for us. Everything the homeless people are doing around is not okay,” Penland said.

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Roseville Police said that the homeless man in the McDonald’s incident has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.