DAVIS (CBS13) — An attempted sexual assault is the latest violent crime to hit the City of Davis.

When crime hits Davis, it’s alarming for longtime resident Susan Gray. She’s been living in Davis for 35 years and has seen the change in the landscape.

“It’s a very progressive, friendly-family oriented city,” Gray said. “In the past, it always felt like Davis was just a really, really safe place.”

Over the past few months the city has been hit with a series of violent crimes just recently an attempted sexual assault.

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“He pushed her down and then proceeded to make an attempt to sexually assault her,” Lieutenant Arturo Camacho with the Davis Police Department.

Davis Police say a woman parked her car on Birch Avenue and was walking to the front door when a man attacked her from behind. The suspect took off after the woman began screaming.

Back in November, UC Davis students were on high alert after eight armed robberies happened in seven weeks, two of which were carjackings.

CBS13 spoke with Davis Police about the recent uptick in crime.

“Many factors could go into the particular rise of crime in any given situation, but I want to say that in particular to the robberies that have been going on, people have been coming from the outside into the City of Davis to commit crime,” Lieutenant Camacho said.

One area police say criminals are coming from is Woodland.