By James Taylor

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 1956 Cadillac stolen from a 106-year-old World War II veteran in Sacramento has been returned.

The classic car was once owned by one of the most popular Hollywood actresses of all-time.

“Oh, it’s been a heck of a day,” said Curly Bunfill, the owner of the car.

Bunfill has seen a lot in his 106-years but he wasn’t sure he’d ever see his beloved 1956 Cadillac again.

“I was scared to death it would get damaged or something,” he said.

Curly Bunfill

Last Friday, the car was stolen from a garage in North Sacramento, but now the World War II vet, who received three purple hearts, is thrilled to learn his classic car has been found.

“I jumped from here across the street; I jumped 10 feet in the air,” he said.

Bunfill was given the Bermuda Blue Eldorado from its previous owner, Hollywood starlet Rita Hayworth, whom he knew from his days working as a stuntman. He’s kept it in mint condition ever since.

“People all over love that car. We would take it to the parades; it goes to all kinds of deals all over the valley,” he said.

Police had been looking for the distinctive classic car and they didn’t have to go far to find it.

“Because it ended up in our parking lot here at our headquarters and someone dropped it off,” said Sacramento Police Dept. Lt. Vance Chandler.

That man told police he had purchased it and didn’t know it was stolen until the car was shown on TV. The car doesn’t appear to have any damage, but police won’t be giving it back to Bunfill just yet.

“It will be impounded and we will look at the vehicle for any potential evidence,” said Chandler.

Bunfill is just glad he will once again be able to get behind the wheel.

“It’s amazing, just amazing,” he said.

Police say they have at least one person detained for questing in connection with the theft. They hope to be able to return the car to Bunfill later this week.