SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Thousands lined up at Southside Park on Saturday ready to march their way to the State Capitol for women’s rights.

What started in 2017 is still going strong, but this year’s crowd was a lot smaller than in the past. Despite the smaller crowd, some say the passion for the cause is bigger than ever.

“We’re on limited time, we’re like on borrowed time and we got to take action,” one marcher said. “If we don’t then we’re just sitting there and watching it happen.”

Though thousands are out here marching for women’s rights, a common theme this year has been climate change and how this year’s election is going to play a vital role in the matter.

Activists say the real change will be done at the ballot.

“Many people don’t think of that connection, but it’s really important to consider women’s rights now so we can lift people out of poverty and we can deal with the adverse effects that climate change will bring upon us,” Lucia Kaiser said.

“We have got to get out and vote, that’s the most important thing we can do,” another marcher said.