LAKE COUNTY (CBS13) — A Sacramento man was arrested for a DUI after crashing and being found driving without a tire on one rim, Lake County authorities said.

Martin Diazbarajas Jr., of Sacramento, was spotted Sunday just before 1 a.m. driving eastbound on Eleventh Street in a vehicle with major front-end damage and no front right tire, according to a Lakeport Police Department statement.

Officers pulled Diazbarajas over on Pool Street. He reportedly told police he had just crashed prior to taking the Eleventh Street exit from Highway 29. Diazbarajas said he was aware of his front tire missing but believed he would make it home driving on the rim.

He agreed to a breathalyzer test and his results showed blood alcohol content level of .082, said police. He arrested and booked into the Lake County Jail on suspicion of DUI.