RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – A Sacramento woman says her car was stolen on Christmas morning, but that wasn’t the end of her woes.

Brandie Boyd was just getting her life together with a big move into her own place for the holidays. Then, on Christmas morning, Boyd awoke up to see her car was gone.

She says it had been locked at the time.

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“There was nothing…not a trace…not a broken window; the car had an alarm on it,” said Boyd.

It wasn’t until Boyd needed to pick something up from her Rancho Cordova storage locker, that she noticed something was off.

“When I came, I noticed they had put their own lock on there,” she said.

Someone had broken into her storage unit. One of the suspects was caught on surveillance video in Boyd’s car. She believes they found paperwork in the car that led him to the storage unit. It was all the information they needed to break into her storage locker and steal everything.

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“They just kind of ransacked it. What they didn’t want, they just kind of tossed it back in there,” said Boyd.

Missing were thousands of dollars worth of laptops, new clothes, and irreplaceable personal mementos. Now Boyd said she’s left with nothing.

“I just feel violated,” she said.

She’s asking for the public’s help in tracking down the man who she says stole her entire life in mere minutes. She worries this could happen again.

“I don’t think this is the first time they’ve done this, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone else,” said Boyd.

Boyd has filed a report with the sheriff’s office.