(CBS SF BayArea) – Sexual misconduct complaints against California doctors are up 61% since 2017, according to the state medical board. But that may be just the tip of the iceberg. CBS Bay Area spoke with some patients who say their complaints went unheard for years.

One woman who doesn’t want us to use her name says she is still traumatized by memories of her visits to Dr. John Warbritton. It started when she was injured on the job in 2005 and was ordered to go see him at his office in downtown Oakland for her workers’ compensation claim.

She said Warbritton was always making lewd comments. “He spoke about my body, he said stuff like I had it going on. I felt uncomfortable, very uncomfortable,” she said.

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On one visit, when she tried to hold close the back of her hospital gown she said: “He slapped my hand away and my gown was wide open and I knew he was just staring at me.”

Even though she complained, she says she was forced to see the doctor multiple times over the years. “I wanted to throw up, just knowing I had to go see this person,” she said. “I just felt powerless, I didn’t think I had any choice.”

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