SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —  If you are hitting the roads Tuesday, expect a wintry whiplash. Mother nature is doing an about face in the next 12 hours and some were preparing Monday night.

“It definitely is more dangerous to drive after the first rain of the season,” said Officer Stephen Newman.

CHP is urging caution as wet weather whips in.

“All oil, debris, brake dust, comes up making for slippery conditions,” Newman said.

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Roger Brousseau was surprised by how quickly the temperature dropped.

“All of a sudden it got windy and it got cold,” said Brousseau.

One trucker CBS13 spoke with knows we need rain this time of year, but when it comes he has to monitor conditions on his phone.

“I got to. If I don’t I’m stupid,” he said.

Many who drive through the Sierras know how to weather the worst.

“You gotta’ be prepped your carry water, a sleeping bag, some extra food and make sure your car is safe,” said one man we met from Nevada.

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CHP advises doing a once-over on your vehicle before heading out in a storm this time of year.

“You have to have good working windshield wipers, headlamps that work correctly, need to make sure you have got tire tread,” said Newman.

Standing water on roadways during a storm requires extra spacing between vehicles and that means allowing more travel time.

“I drive extra slow just in case,” said Brousseau.

CHP says bring chains if you are heading over the mountain. Truckers usually have that but not many motorists, and it’s a good idea to practice putting them on at home before you are in a snowstorm. You can also pay permitted chain installers to put on your chains, but you can’t buy chains from them.