PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — Communities in the Foothills are back on the list for a potential power safety shutoff this week.

It would be the fifth time this year for many people. This time around, keeping warm when the power is off is a big concern. Some areas expected to see rain and snow this week could also be dealing with the power outage.

“I live in a house that only has one source of heat and that’s electric. So when I have no electricity I have no source of heat and it gets very cold,” said Kelly Brophy.

Brophy is preparing to endure another power shutoff while caring for her elderly mother. She said just bought her Thanksgiving turkey, which may now go to waste depending on how long this next outage lasts.

“I haven’t even thought that far yet. I don’t know, I just got it,” she said.

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Theresa Zimmer lives in Pollock Pines and has a generator that powers her whole home. She said she worries how the cold and loss of food could hurt the elderly on fixed incomes.

“When it comes time for them to have turkey dinner, they aren’t going to have a turkey dinner because it’s all spoiled,” she said.

Vitaliy Pugach said he’s gone camping in winter conditions before and isn’t worried at all.

“It doesn’t scare me. It’s not that cold. My heat went off in the middle of the winter, so I just stayed with the fireplace,” he said.

PG&E is directing people to community resource centers which they will set up to provide heat, snacks and bathrooms to those in need.