NATOMAS (CBS13) — Neighbors are hoping new surveillance video helps police catch whoever broken into more than a dozen cars in one Natomas neighborhood.

“I woke up to my neighbor knocking on the door and saying that our cars had been broken into,” said Terry Wade.

The break-ins happened less than a half-mile away from each other on Dasco Way, Janero Way and Gazania Court near Club Center Drive Friday morning.

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Data from Sacramento Police show the incident wasn’t the first in the area. Within the past six months, seven cars within a one-mile radius from Friday morning’s break-ins were broken into and five cars were stolen.

However, Sacramento police say right now it appears what happened Friday is isolated. A surveillance video shared with CBS13 shows suspects smashing several car windows.

Anita woke up to find her rental car damaged. She’s in town for her best friend’s wedding.

“It’s definitely caused a wrench in my friend’s wedding day,” Anita said.

We asked security expert Terry Brown with Armor Bearer Security what more people should do to prevent break-ins from happening.

He says simply don’t leave anything in your car and if you can park in a well-lit area or inside a garage.

“You can do all the things right and still come up on the wrong side,” Brown said.

Ultimately he says thieves will go after whatever they feel is valuable.

“If it’s cold out and there’s a jacket that really means nothing to anyone, it means something to someone who needs a jacket to warm themselves,” he said.

Still, people who live where the break-ins happened, want to know why someone would bust out windows and not take anything.

“And now it’s the holidays on top of that right who wants to spend useless money on something that’s just vandalism,” Wade said.