SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A driver’s illegal maneuver ended in a crash on a Sacramento freeway on the weekend, and it was caught on video.

On Sunday, Reddit user “Data_shade” says he and his girlfriend were driving westbound on Interstate 80 near the Interstate 5 interchange when a driver passed him on the left-hand shoulder. The driver didn’t see the guardrail curving towards the road until it was too late. In the video you can see the car slam into the guardrail, sending it across the freeway in a cloud of debris and smoke to the right-hand shoulder.

Yesterday on I-80, this guy was using the shoulder to pass cars in the #1 lane, and eventually ran out of talent. from IdiotsInCars

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The crash happened just after the driver reportedly came close to sideswiping a Jeep.

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“He almost sideswiped the Jeep, so my GF wanted to get his info to report to CHP…I caught up to him to get his info. He could not maintain a consistent speed, and I was following him when he decided to get back into the fast lane. After a few seconds behind him going 65-70mph, he darted back over to the shoulder as if he thought it was a lane. That’s when I told my GF to start filming,” wrote Data_shade in the chatroom r/IdiotsInCars.

It’s unknown if the driver of the driver was injured in the crash.

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“We told CHP that we have it on video if they need it but something tells me it’s pretty cut and dry what happened,” he wrote.