SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Approximately 24 hours after cutting power to 179,000 customers Wednesday, PG&E has issued “all clear” for the areas impacted.

An “all clear” means the utility has determined the fire danger weather has passed and crews have been deployed to inspect their power lines and begin restoring power to customers.

PG&E said customers in San Mateo and counties south of Interstate 80 got the all-clear at 9:45 a.m. Thursday morning. By 3:30 p.m., the North Bay and Sierra foothills customers were cleared.

Power is expected to be restored by Friday night or sooner. Crews can only inspect lines and restore power during the daylight hours.

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The utility said more than 5,800 crews on the ground were deployed to inspect lines along with 42 helicopters. But, the helicopter inspections could be impacted by the firefighting efforts for the Kincade Fire. The Kincade Fire started in Sonoma County Wednesday night near an area without power due to the PSPS. PG&E issued the following statement about the fire.

“PG&E is working with authorities to gather additional information. There are currently approximately 27,800 customers without power in portions of Sonoma County, who had their power turned off for safety as part of the Public Safety Power Shutoff event. This area was de-energized by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23.”

PG&E expects to restore power to all customers before the next round of shutoffs, which may come as soon as this weekend. The utility said they are following a “potentially strong, widespread dry offshore wind event on Saturday that is significant in scope and could impact the Sierra Foothills, North Bay, Peninsula, Central Coast, East Bay and Humboldt.”

Some customers impacted by the most recent power shutoff may lose power again this weekend, depending on the weather conditions.