ROCKLIN (CBS13) — There’s a turkey on the loose at a Rocklin golf course with an arrow pierced through its chest.

Animal rescuers said they have tried to catch it eight times, but the turkey keeps giving them the slip.

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People who golf at Whitney Oaks said it’s not uncommon to see turkeys out on the course. The one everyone’s looking for is a survivor. Animal rescuers say it’s a female who has managed to have babies even with an arrow through her body. Rescuers said the turkey can fly which makes it extremely hard to trap her.

“We haven’t examined her because we can’t catch her, but apparently the arrow didn’t hit anything important,” said Greg Grimm with Gold Country Wildlife Rescue.

Grimm said thankfully, the arrow didn’t hit any major organs, and the turkey’s body has likely started to adapt.

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“Chances are the body has created calluses around the arrow and so she’s doing fine,” Grimm said.

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People who live nearby said they are genuinely worried about this turkey. Against the odds, she’s somehow managed to cheat death, have babies and keep herself alive.

“You can’t help but worry about it you know, its safety and health and what happened to it….who did it,” said Fergal Flanagan, a local resident.

This isn’t the first time Gold Country Wildlife Rescue has dealt with an arrow in a turkey. In fact, they get a call like this multiple times a year.

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“Sometimes I think it’s people doing it just because they can. There may be a hunter that could do it, although hunters generally know better,” Grimm said.

Although this turkey appears to be doing well animal rescuers said having that arrow through her body is bound to take some years off of her life.

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According to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, turkeys are technically a protected species under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, meaning you can’t hurt or harass turkeys under federal law, and shooting a turkey is illegal.